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The Clipper Necklace

Collaboration is at the heart of my brand, whether it’s the relationships I hold with my clients, the combining of old and new styles or working with and along side others to create something new and exciting. It’s this mind set which lead me toward the creation of a very special necklace. This piece has been a long while in development for good reason. I wanted to create something that illustrated who I am as a hairdresser, the evolution of my brand and the ethos I work by. Something that can be worn not only for aesthetic reasons but also for what it represents. The necklace itself is formed of a vintage hair clipper blade, each one individual.

No two the same. Adapted and up-cycled here in England by myself, the original has not left my neck, and when it does I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. It’s become an identity, an intrinsic daily reminder of what I’m working for, a token to motivate and a reminder of all those who have helped and guided me.

The necklace comes in two sizes dependant on the blade, small and large. Once on the chain they are presented on card, stamped and barcoded, dependant on the size, number in the batch and name of batch. These are then placed back inside their original box with the clipper handles and dog tag gift token and padded out with newspaper dating back to when the clippers were first manufactured. They are then packaged in bespoke brown boxes with my logo on, filled with shredded paper and tied with string.

The clipper necklace is fundamentally about the combining of disciplines, derived from my experience in the hair industry. This necklace crosses through fashion and design with a unique motive. It merges ideas from different industries. From a simple idea, the necklace has grown into a piece that not only promotes hairdressing and barbering in general but also represents a lifestyle. Above all, transforming a vintage pair of clippers, now obsolete, into something tangible and wearable, is what really sets this piece apart.