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The Clipper Necklace 08L032


No two the same. Adapted and up-cycled here in England by myself, the original has not left my neck, and when it does I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. It’s become an identity, an intrinsic daily reminder of what I’m working for, a token to motivate and a reminder of all those who have helped and guided me.

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Ky Wilson launches exclusive collaboration with BaByliss PRO

Industry legend Ky Wilson has collaborated with BaByliss PRO in an exclusive partnership between The Clipper Necklace and the new cordless Super Motor Clipper.

This is one of the first opportunities for barbers across the country to get their hands on the tool after the pre-release sold out within a few hours at this year’s Barber Connect.

The original Super Motor Clipper with its Japanese steel blades, heavy-duty metal housing and powerful high torque pivot motor has become a must-have for the industry’s finest groomers. The cordless version retains the top performance spec that barbers have come to expect, but with the total convenience of cordless use.

Ky Wilson is one of the biggest names in the industry right now, and has paved his way through hard work and a series of groundbreaking collaborations. One of the most memorable is Ky’s infamous Clipper Necklace – a completely individual piece of jewellery made up from a vintage clipper blade.

Ky spent a long time developing this piece, to create something that illustrates who he is as a hairdresser, the evolution of his brand and the ethos he works by – something that can be worn not only for aesthetic reasons but also for what it represents.

Ky Wilson said, “This has become my identity. It’s an intrinsic daily reminder of who I am, and something to motivate me and a reminder of everyone who has helped and guided me. Above all that, transforming a pair of vintage clippers, now obsolete, into something tangible and wearable and pairing it with the newest and most innovative barbering tool on the market is what really sets this collaboration apart.”

There will be 50 sets available to buy, which includes The Clipper Necklace, as well as the vintage clippers and box that the blades have been reclaimed from – and of course, the new cordless BaByliss PRO Super Motor Clipper.


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