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The Social Woman is a cutting course focusing on women’s hair. Its all about stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding your expertise, understanding our amazing ability as hairdressers to make women feel beautiful and sexy. The pressures of salon life can restrict our creativity and flow so we have designed this course specifically to unlock your full potential.

Its far more than just promoting new techniques or ‘that perfect bob’, its about how and when to apply and adjust them to suit every individual client. Its that natural feeling to adapt what we do, not just churning out the same haircut on that conveyor belt most clients dread.

The Social Woman is all about reinventing the perception of “the client”
To us the most important aspect of hairdressing is the relationship between the stylist and the client. We believe the industry requires a new approach, one where the client is taken on journey of educational inspiration and excitement.

Our people skills are equally as important as our hairdressing ones and it is imperative that our customer relations are on point and we make that connection. The attention to detail needs to be exquisite in all areas to achieve our goal.

Through knowledge and understanding we are able to produce work of the highest standard, where lifestyle and suitability are pivotal in our decision making.

Recently it seems the main focus within the hair industry has shifted more towards styling and colouring, cutting seems almost secondary. We believe cutting should remain as crucial as ever as it plays an enormous role in shaping The Social Woman of today.

Although colour adds a focal point to any style it is the cut that holds the most power when it comes to suitability, people crave styles that are easy to manage and recreate at home so there is no room for ‘wash out’ haircuts. The whole ethos of the Social Woman relies on the client and stylist connection.

The vibe and energy between the two must be parallel in order to form an extraordinary bond.


The Social Man is a cutting course focusing on mens cutting. not just plonking on any old lego sprayed style but giving our time to the attention to detail and picking up on most things the majority don’t.

The Social Man takes you way beyond the ability to sculpt a haircut, it’s about sculpting a lifestyle. There is a big difference between confidence and ego and we as the stylists must have confidence in ourselves and that will then be transferred to our clients.
Confidence forms reassurance and inspiration, and this is what we need plenty of to ensure clients come onboard and place their faith entirely in you and develop a mutual respect for the time you take to perfect your craft. This ensures the value in your service is unquestionable, every minute is used, not wasted. When you place down a beer while you begin the prepping stage, and every tool is clean and laid out ready, they know you mean business not just a mild case of OCD.

Our multi award winning educators will showcase their vast array of knowledge and experience from all corners of the industry. They explore all avenues of men’s grooming including any and all types of cutting, styling and maintenance including facial hair. As ever suitability is key here, we can’t be purely trend led, the Social Man doesn’t conform to fashions that don’t suit him, he is all about looking his absolute best in all the fucking time.


The Social Colour focuses on seamless transition freehand work. we visually work through all of the hair and colour the bits that need to be coloured avoiding regimented and generic colour formations. we chat though all the possible and achievable options taking into consideration condition, maintenance, cost and suitability. This doesn’t mean its always has a natural finish but always an envious one.

It is often stated that a haircut is naked without a colour. So if colour is clothing we need to ensure we choose one that fits perfectly, otherwise you’re better off in the buff!!
Following the ethos of the Social Education, everything comes back to suitability and colouring is no exception. We don’t choose trend over appropriateness and we never sacrifice condition for need. These rules must be fundamental in order to produce colour work of the highest quality. The Social Woman is a dominant force in today’s world and our aim is to deliver beautiful enviable colours that are wearable for all occasions and lifestyles whatever they may be.

Colour to us is a way to enhance a style and it can be done in many different ways, by thinking outside the box and adopting a different approach the possibilities are endless.
Bringing the feel back into the technique with a freehand touch, we are able to deliver seamless transitions between colours fusing tinting together with highlighting.

We look at the importance of colour placement with regard to versatility and wearability giving you the know how to offer bespoke on trend work of the highest level.

Lets make our colours look as expensive as we can, because it is.


The Social Style is bringing session styling to the salon environment focusing on both men and women. Its the thing that you can change when wearing that same clothes. with insane knowledge from global fashion week, photoshoots, street wear campaigns and industry shows, helping us to pass on to our clientele and peers. always taking in to consideration suitability and wearability whatever the occasion, executing with a beautiful timeless feeling.

One of the key elements to styling hair is the prep, this is often the cause of ‘dropping out’ so we hand pick the very best products to ensure this won’t happen to you.
The Social Woman wears effortlessly cool styles that she can recreate at home because her stylist has educated her with all the relevant skills.

Theres often a scarce approach to ‘hair up’ in salons where stylists literally move appointments to avoid doing them. We break all the shit down and make it easy so this will never happen, we make it so easy that the lowest level of stylist can be bringing in the coin, but don’t forget, its not how long you have been doing something that earns you the promotion, its how hungry you are to better yourself as individuals through our craft.

Wig Session

“The Social Wig Session philosophy is making wigs believable”

Real hair wigs for editorial work, photoshoots, shows, hair competitions and even changing up your clients look.

A variety of lengths, colours, styles including exposing the hairlines and making partings visible.

We will showcase that anyone can achieve the skill set to make the unachievable a reality.

Sometimes you can find it hard to find a model that will allow you create your vision, With The Social Wig Session you wont need to worry about the hair just finding the perfect face to match.

After all who wants to see a picture of a model that everyone knows is wearing a wig, this defeats the whole purpose right?


The Social Speaker has been built up to inspire individuals, salons brands and corporate business’s.

We can tailor our talks to fit with your theme or message, to plant the seeds for success.

Working with your team as an influencer, collaborator, or idea generator which helps jumpstart new projects or remix old ones and spark innovative ideas.


We believe strongly in our style of education and we understand that a key feature is ensuring that everybody gets the absolute maximum out of each session and value for money.

A way to achieve this is our ‘COMBINATION’ where we combine two of our courses into one day, for example, WOMAN and STYLE, COLOUR and WOMAN or WOMAN AND MAN.

This concept allows you to absorb as much knowledge as possible, perfect for inspiring yourself and your clients.


Current dates

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17th Davines Up North
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24th The Social WIG SESSION

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23rd The Social Style
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